Welcome to the ultimate website for writers as well as book lovers. At Review the Book, we provide an open platform for writers and readers to come in contact with each other, gain the benefit of fruitful interactions and gain perspective about one another.

It is certainly not easy to manage such a magnificent, global literary platform, but our team of volunteers who are avid readers themselves, do their utmost best. And these efforts have really manifested positively, with our escalating popularity and diverse genres of book themes- both fiction and non-fiction.

While the Fictional Book Review categories that we showcase here range from Religion, Romance, History, Pop Culture and Romance, to Erotica, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Humor, Mystery/Thriller, Graphic, Spirituality and even Poetry. In case you happen to be more of an admirer of Non Fiction Book Genres, there is surely plenty to lap up here with areas as diverse as Health, Autobiography, Military, Mind/Spirit, History, Hobbies, Antiques, Architecture, Art, Biography, Cooking, Poetry, Psychology, Environment, Sports, Self Help, Gardening, Inspiration, New Age, Parenting, , Politics, Religion, Music and Nature.

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Advantages of joining ‘Review the Book’ as a Writer

It’s one thing to dream about being a writer and fantasizing about spending one’s life penning away your thoughts, life and fantasies. But when it comes to visualizing the same in practical terms (and monetary to be specific), there is a great deal of undeniable disillusionment that crops up at some point of time or the other.

All said and done, here’s an opportunity for you at ‘Review the Book’ to chip in your ideas as a writer to the target audience and gauge their reaction. All the more, you get to use this open platform absolutely free of cost, and all you need to do is to complete a simple, one-time registration process.

And the best part is that it is not just an expert, unbiased review of your book which is going to be posted here, but the same will get enhanced with verified reader reviews as well. So it’s going to be an outright mix of professional and popular reviews to give the final rating to your book. Despite everything you’ve read so far, if you are still unsettled on joining ‘Review the Book’, please allow us to give you a couple of snappy pointers right away!

·         100% free and one-time registration with a simple form submission

·         We source from the top lists only.

·         We hate spam as much as you do. Take the hint!

·         Opportunity to interact with readers in open forums

·         Reviews meted out by Literary Experts as well as Verified Readers

·         Open Rating System that is constantly dynamic, yet well-explained and transparent

·         Massive presence across all major social media platforms

·         Inclusion of all conceivable genres of books, for both fiction and non fiction categories

·         Writers can join even prior to writing their first book, just to test the waters