When our team of volunteers had this beautiful literary vision in mind, we really wanted it to be a win-win situation for both writers and readers. After all, even the best authors are avid readers and you cannot become a good writer until and unless you read a lot.

In fact, one of the many solutions that have been proposed for eliminating and countering the symptoms of Writer’s Block, is to stop all attempts to write for a while, and just read whatever you are passionate about. Reading not only opens up your mind to fresh ideas, but also ushers in a sense of freshness and creativity within you.

By joining ‘Review the Book’ as a reader, you are getting exposed to the literary world of your dreams. From interacting with like-minded readers, to discovering the fascinating world of book reviews and author feedback, this is one magnet of a website that’s going to keep you hooked for sure!

Here’s why you should absolutely not miss out on joining ‘Review the Book’ as a reader:-

·         Free glimpses of first chapters of your favorite authors and other forms of preview that you will definitely find attractive

·         Attractive discounts on E-Books

·         Unbiased Expert Reviews will help you decide which books to add to your ‘to-read’ list

·         No registration charges and no spa whatsoever

·         An open platform where you enjoy the privilege of getting in touch and interacting with your favorite authors in an open platform

·         Opportunity to share ideas, brainstorm and channelize creative thoughts in the literary world

·         Great opportunity for readers who are also bordering towards the idea of penning down their thoughts and sharing their stories with the world

More than anything else, ‘Review the Book’ is an attempt by book lovers and volunteers to bridge the jarring gaps in the literary world, and bring various the various elements close and coherent with one another.