Waking Up: A Guide To Spirituality Without Religion

Sam Harris is the author of this book, and this is definitely a savior of sorts for the modern-day American who is getting increasingly cynical with every passing day. The best part about reading this book was that there was a confluence of all religions- Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam etc and even the ancient ones like Taoism, Shintoism and Sufism. There is a lot of apprehension in this regard nowadays, and many people have become skeptic about interchanging religion with spiritualism. Another intriguing part of this book that many so-called spirituality authors mostly miss out on, is the addition of the scientific angle. Even the most rational being with atheistic attitudes will find themselves nodding in appreciation with the postulated and similarities drawn between both of the polar opposites of science and religion.

Warrior Goddess Training: Become The Woman You Are Meant To Be

When spiritualism meets feminism, the powerful package is what can be termed as kickass. Although the name might sound a bit too aggressive, I would like to tell you that Warrior Goddess Training is a book that is equally relevant for both genders and even the fluidities in between. You might have already guessed by now that the writer is a woman, and her name is HeatherAsh Amara. Truth be told, the initial few chapters might come across as the musings of an authoritarian person who is trying to put her point across and shun man, while glorifying the aspects of spirituality and feminism. A separate chapter has been dedicated to rituals and exotic aspects of eastern philosophies, something that we have forgotten over the ages. If you wish to discover the real woman you are meant to be, this is a spiritual book you cannot miss out on!