Blowout In The Gulf: The BP Oil Spill Disaster And The Future Of Energy In America

Written brilliantly by Robert Gramling and William R Freudenburg, this book brings out the very core of environmental issues that mankind faces today. Upon close realization, one realizes that it is not reckless industrialization or the urge to fulfill the requirements of the growing population that is wreaking havoc on us. What is the main turning point wherein the balance vis-à-vis mankind and the environment has taken a lethal turn is the sheer apathy on part of humanity, and this is clearly reflected by elucidating the oil spill incident as a perfect case study that embodies all of the possibilities of the future of energy in America that incidents like these have in store for us. Last but not the least, one really needs to appreciate the data that has been presented by exhaustive collection, and the viewpoint of not just the environmentalists but the perspective of different stakeholders involved.


Penned down by Rainbow Rowell (who by the way also wrote the fantastic Eleanor and Park), this one is an outright romantic novel that is just perfecto be adapted into a beautiful Rom-Com or Chick-Flick. But, mind you, this does not have those typical ‘cheesy’ elements that you might expect from your favorite evergreen rom-com. On the contrary, this is a very smart, chirpy and refreshing new-age take on the subject of romance. I would certainly not like to reveal the story or give out any spoilers in my review, because the entire essence would be lost otherwise. But I would certainly urge you to take a look at yourself, your love life and wonder if you would do things the exact same way if you ever got a second chance. That’s what this book ponders over- examining second chances!